What we do

Devinity helps companies increase their developers’ job satisfaction by enabling them to proactively manage their own personal growth within the organization. Devinity is a cloud-based software, created specifically for organizations with significant role of technical departments, such as large software houses, R&D departments or banks. Developers can create professional profiles connecting with GitHub accounts to downloas skills, languages, libraries and technologies they work with on daily basis. Developers are then automatically matched to their peers in order to cooperate, learn from each other, solve problems together, plan their path inside the company or find the right people to work with. Managers on the other hand have broad overview over job satisfaction, training needs and skill distribution of their employees. 

Devinity was founded in 2015 in Poland during summer edition of Founder Institute, a respected startup accelerator from the Silicon Valley. Devinity Minimum Viable Product is scheduled for sale in November 2015, For further information visit:

The Founding Team